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We push the boundaries of tech-powered convenience. 

Headquartered in Chicago, based everywhere you are.


Who we are 


WithMe was founded on the belief that convenience should be everywhere you are. We got our start in solving convenient printing, after we grew frustrated with how hard it was to print out concert tickets. As PrintWithMe, we created an easy-to-use printing service that brought convenient printing to multifamily housing, apartment buildings, coffee shops and more. After drinking one too many bad cups of apartment lobby coffee, we redefined the meaning of “lobby coffee” and brought convenient, barista-quality coffee to spaces everywhere as SipWithMe. And there are more innovative products on the way. Whether printing or coffee, our mission is centered on bringing high-quality convenience to you, whenever you need it.

Listen to our CEO, Jonathan Treble, talk about how he’s scaled WithMe and led a distributed team to build this distributed network of printer kiosks...where it all began!

What we believe

At WithMe, we’re a tight-knit team passionate about providing convenient services that change the way people live and work. We’re committed to our clients, partners and users, and we are passionate about bringing them the best service possible. We’re problem-solvers, deeply curious and always seeking to improve. We believe in good ideas, and we are always open to new perspectives and solutions.

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The WithMe team believes in moving fast, delivering on time and taking ownership over our results. We rapidly and effectively course correct when needed. We are not afraid to disagree, but we also believe in committing to and co-owning leadership decisions. 

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Candor and Transparency

At WithMe, we are not afraid to have difficult conversations. We believe in the power of speaking candidly, being transparent and welcoming feedback. We make it a point to go directly to whomever can best help so we can respond to everyone sincerely and promptly.


Customer Obsession

In all circumstances, we strive to outperform client and customer expectations. We obsess over feedback, with the belief that there is always opportunity to learn, to grow and to improve. Committed to innovation, we think big to continue expanding our impact.

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WithMe is a diverse team committed to respecting its stakeholders, including the environment. Internally, we respect each other by being inclusive, punctual, attentive, flexible and assuming positive intent. Personal and professional development is encouraged, and outstanding performance is rewarded.

Meet the leadership team

Great idea-havers welcome!

Join our fast-growing team of industry experts, innovators and creators passionate about revolutionizing convenience. 

Our Advisory Board

Good advice is hard to come by. Meet the industry titans guiding us toward a more convenient future. 

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